Keeping Bin Hire Costs Down

20 November 2017
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Bins play a critical role in maintaining your house and compound clean and odour free. The containers provide an avenue with which your garbage is safely disposed. However, with landfills located several kilometres away from residential neighbourhoods, driving to the dumps just to dispose of waste does not make sense. For this reason, rubbish removal services are available to help you get rid of waste. However, this does not mean that you should accept rates as presented to you every time you want bin hire services. In this regard, this article highlights ways you can keep waste disposal costs down.

Ensure you Have Enough Junk -- While waste management firms provide bins of different sizes, it is critical to making sure that you have enough garbage to fill the container you want to hire. It makes little sense for you to order a three cubic meter skip bin and fill it only halfway every time. Notably, a skip bin company will charge you for the entire bin and not for using it halfway. Therefore, make sure that there is enough junk in your home before choosing a particular container size because this is one opportunity to save cost.

Keep Away Electronics -- Old computer keyboards, spoilt phones, and any other electronic device should not be considered when ordering for a skip bin. One of the primary reasons is that electronic devices will take up unnecessary space in the bin. In such a case, the waste containers will fill fast, and you might end up needing additional skip bins depending on the amount of organic garbage you have. If you keep them away, then you will need fewer containers and hence cut costs. Additionally, bin-hiring companies usually charge an extra fee for disposing of electronics because such waste is only sent to the landfills after a series of treatment procedures to remove pollutants and intoxicants.

Neighbour Arrangement -- If you find out that you do not often have much garbage to fill the smallest bin size offered by the service provider, you can opt to have an arrangement with your neighbour. For instance, if you realise that you only always fill your bin halfway, then arrange with your neighbour so that you can share one bin and split the costs. However, make sure that the both of you are consistent regarding the volume of waste; otherwise, you will end up with garbage overflow at one point.