Making Your Renovation Job Easier Through Skip Hire

9 November 2015
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If this is the period of time when you've finally decided that it's time to start renovating your house, you're probably faced with a lot of questions about how to make the renovation process easier. Well, one of the ways you could make the renovation process that much smoother is by choosing to hire a skip bin. It's probably the easiest and most affordable solution when it comes to removing large waste quantities from your premises. Read More 

What Can’t Go In Your Skip Bin Hire

24 July 2015
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While you may think that hiring a bin to dispose of your waste is carte blanche to get rid of anything and everything you don't want anymore, there are several items that are generally not accepted in rental bins. Make sure to check with the company, but generally these items are no-go's for bin disposal: Liquid Waste: Any sort of liquid waste is not accepted for disposal in your rented bin. Read More