3 Important Questions to Ask Any Potential Rubbish Removal Company

25 May 2016
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When you have a big cleanup job at home, you might want to call a rubbish removal company. This can be a better choice than hiring a skip bin, if the items you need removed won't actually fit in a bin or you don't want a bin parked at your home for any length of time. Since each rubbish removal company is different in how they operate, you might note a few questions to ask so you know you hire the right company and also know what's involved.

1. Ask if they actually take the rubbish from your home

If you have items like furniture, appliances, and so on, you may assume that a rubbish removal company will come into the home and take them out for you. However, some prefer that you remove these items yourself and put them at the end of your driveway or elsewhere, and they don't actually come into your home, garage, and so on. They also may not lift items for anything more than loading them onto a truck. Whatever their procedure, be sure you ask about it so you don't expect more help in the home than what you'll be getting when they arrive. 

2. Always ask what they take and don't take

Most rubbish removal companies will take mattresses, furniture, appliances, old bikes, and so on, but some may avoid taking biodegradable items like cooking oil or food waste. They may also avoid hazardous materials such as fuel oils, batteries, and asbestos or building materials covered with mold. Some might take old vehicles or an ATV, while some might not. If they do, you'll need to know if the vehicle needs to be running and what ownership paperwork you might need to produce for them. If you need anything other than standard household goods removed, always ask what they'll take and, if there are items they won't take, ask if they can recommend a disposal company for you.

3. Ask if they donate or recycle items

A good rubbish removal company should go through your items and pull out what can be recycled and even donated to a charity; this might include appliances with metal that can be recycled or a vehicle that can be torn apart and recycled. This keeps items out of landfills and also helps to support local charities. You might also want to ask which charities they donate to, so that you know it's a cause you feel comfortable supporting.