What Can't Go In Your Skip Bin Hire

24 July 2015
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While you may think that hiring a bin to dispose of your waste is carte blanche to get rid of anything and everything you don't want anymore, there are several items that are generally not accepted in rental bins. Make sure to check with the company, but generally these items are no-go's for bin disposal:

Liquid Waste: Any sort of liquid waste is not accepted for disposal in your rented bin. Loose or in barrels, any liquid waste is regulated by the Department of the Environment. This includes oil, chemicals, paint, or any other sludge material that does not pass the paint filter test. Do yourself a favor and check into the individual disposal methods for your liquid materials in depth.  You'll face hefty fines if you attempt to circumvent the proper channels for disposal.

Food Material: Hired bins are meant to hold non-organic matter. As such, make sure that any food that you are tossing is headed to the proper channels, and won't sit rotting in a bin.

Asbestos: There are proper procedures for the removal and disposal of asbestos. If you encounter asbestos during your project, you'll want to immediately hire removal experts.  It's your responsibility to take care of this problem, without passing the buck on to unsuspecting bin disposal companies. Remember, airborne asbestos can cause a variety of long-term health issues, so you don't want to be attempting removal yourself.

Car Parts: Any automobile parts may contain combustible materials that are not allowed in cheap bin hires. You will need to consult a proper disposal service, or contact a junk yard or swap meet to see if you'll be able to connect the parts you have on hand with someone who can repair the parts or give them new life. Car tyres should always be recycled, and car batteries contain acids that are considered chemical waste and harmful to the environment.

Chemical Containers: Even empty chemical containers such as gas bottles must be disposed of separately, as they may contain combustible materials. If you are unsure how to dispose of these containers, contact your local garage and ask them what they recommend. Some may be able to put you in touch with programs that can help you with your long-term needs.

Tree Stumps: Organic material in general is not accepted in most bin rentals. See if you can carve the stump into pieces and take it to your community garden waste or compost heap.

With these caveats in mind, you'll be able to make an accurate decision about the size of bin you will require when placing your order for a cheap bin rental. Save yourself some money, and make the right decisions for the environment. Contact a Skip Bins professional for more help or if you have other questions.